October 31, 2004

I've found yesterday those pinky and fresh pork feet and felt I could ugrade my cooking skills, that's a typical grand-mother's dish, but how to cook that THINGS ???? I've found a quite simple receipt with white wine on marmiton.og and will cook it for tomorrow, with patatoes, it needs to rest one day before eating. So old fashioned !

October 30, 2004

I've been asked what I would need as Christmas gift, indeed, it's months I'm looking at Le Chameau pair of boots. That's really the kind of article you never buy neither plan to buy...and it's almost every day you can use it ! Especially now when the leaves fall and so much work in the garden (that's for Marco).

Photo with K Challenge

Timaro Electric scooter with the K Challenge team in Marseille (America's Cup)

October 29, 2004

Today I improve my knowledge

Hola ! Today I improve my knowledge in blog skills and discover THAT absolutly hudge community of daily bloogers. I've seen many templates, add-on, tricks and special websites for advanced... today I just add the LINKS sections on the left, and comments above each post.
Weather is grey, rainy and windy, since yesterday on TV, the region was under the red alert, so I suggest to friends living in Australia to stay there.

Sunday 31st is Halloween !

Nice joke today from Veronique (for french readers only):
Une femme entre dans une pharmacie et demande de l'arsenic
- Que comptez vous en faire? lui demande le pharmacien
- C'est pour tuer mon mari.
- Quoi? Vous plaisantez!
Je ne peux pas vous vendre de quoi commettre un meurtre!
La femme ouvre alors son sac à main, et en sort une photo de son mari en train de coucher avec la femme du pharmacien.
- Ah, évidement, lui dit ce dernier, si vous avez une ordonnance, c'est différent...

Discover our friends website and wine : Château La Freynelle

October 28, 2004

Nice to write to you !

Nice to write to you through this new blog, I've subscribed it, maybe, two years ago..., and forget it since this morning, and I 've reminded the ID and password! that's a sign.
This blog to apologize not replying to friends emails quickly, not writing spontaneously to say hello and giving some news...I try this new blog, and hope you'll read it when you need some fresh news about me and what's up around me !
That's my modern diary, my mum, this time, won't be able to read it !!


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