November 24, 2004

Msn and Skype

When I open my screen in the morning, I'm bombarded by pop up alert windows from Yahoo memo, my Outlook, Skype and Msn. I need to memorize all my ID (queen of fantasy) and passwords "fghty7ydj" and if you know I have Yahoo accounts in Yahoo Mexico, Yahoo China, Yahoo France, Yahoo US... you may think that's a bit much !! One question is why so many Yahoo accounts I would say that's my world trip ! Anyway I use them all, except when I can't remind me the password. So one day if you reply to one of my Yahoo Uruguay email, don't blame me if I cannot reply back again.
For WHOM has a MSN account (he will recognize) and never connects, it's one glass of champagne /per day you owe me since today until you connect. Agree ? ok
PS : for whom would like to speak to me free, I recommand skpe, my user ID is : azmaribet


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