December 29, 2004

Donors & Tsunami amateur video

>> Question since Tsunami is : how can we help ? what to do from our home in Aubagne ? answer is given now on all charity organizations websites :
Tsunami DONORS: Send cash, not bread
Read all info about it here :

a good information here :

>> UNICEF executive director Carol Bellamy said children could account for up to a third of the dead.
For UNICEF, one of my favorite actor,Jackie Chan, has made a personal donation of a half million Hong Kong dollars (US$64,000) to help tsunami victims. "After the ceremonies, the Hong Kong movie star recorded a multilingual appeal to his millions of fans around the world to join him in supporting UNICEF?s relief efforts across the region." see it here
I've also choosen UNICEF to donate, my personal trust is for caring first the children.

>> Today amateur video I have collected as testimony, I'll update it with new founds :
From Hotel Sri Lanka :
Patong Beach :
From restaurant :
Also these same videos easy to see :
NBC videos :
Rare video of Tsunami : on Reuters TV website click here

>>HELL in PARADISE. Lands of Andaman and Nicobars are probably the worth. I've read the survivors become low in coconuts and fear the lack of proper food and water. I don't know why, but I especially think of this lost people in the isolated islands, with dead bodies coming back on the strand, nobody can help make burials, because nobody's coming yet.
I've found lot of updated infos on the situation there on this website : but it seems that traffic is intense so it's very difficult to reach the page (file in pdf).


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