December 23, 2004

Girls ! Brad Pitt is FREE, OUT the Aniston !!!

Super good news today !! "Aniston removes wedding ring Actress Jennifer Aniston has fuelled speculation her marriage to Brad Pitt is in turmoil - by taking off her wedding ring.Rumours the relationship is deteriorating were first sparked during filming of Mr and Mrs Smith this summer when Pitt was romantically linked to his co-star Angelina Jolie." So the lesson of this story is : NEVER GIVE UP !! One of the top beauty (I speak of Brad because I find Jenifer's face and style ugly) was out of the market (love market) and millions of fans desesperate by his bad taste, now on, he's on the way back !! and we'll see him more in magazine, one day with Angelina, the other day alone, the other day with a girl-next-door....
The bad boy right now is Hugh Grant. Getting married..what ridiculous !! Hugh Grant Married....


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