December 16, 2004

Have you ever heard CRUNK music ?

My last discovery is Crunk music, since last two days, I've asked friends around me about this music and each time they laugh !! ah ah crunch, it's chocolate, and trust I was a fool. They'll know (revenge revenge) in few months them ignorants !!! listen Houston - Crunk is the combination of "Crazy" and "Drunk", by other accounts it's southern shorthand for cranked? or cranked up.? This loud, high energy music was made mainstream by the success of Lil Jon, featuring pounding bass heavy beats and frenetic chants, crunk is almost synonymous with club music and usually has repetitive lyrics. I've also heard of native american (like Navarro...) crunk music, but could not find it on internet yet.

Christmas ? : we join Marco and Sylvie at Six-Fours where I 'll bring my christmas emasculated roster, which we call in french a "chapon", do not know in english, it's a big chicken, very fat we cut the bollocks and let him grow and becomes fat like a small pig, minimum weight is 3 kg.
For New Year's Eve, we're still available and have no ideas, except crazy one like going to marry in Las Vegas, going to Firenze in Italy, going in Tarifa south Spain 14 hours non stop driving, ....I'll let you know.


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