December 15, 2004

Medieval has no Kellog's Corn Flakes or Nutella

I was wondering how was breakfast in the medieval period, poor workers woke up with the rising sun, and, next what ???? do not have croissant, brioche, Kellog's, Nutella, Rice Crispies ??? what were they eating, and the kids ??
I've found many (very serious) ressources, and the answer is sad :
In the Middle Ages breakfast was, in fact, practically nonexistent during the earlier medieval period. The earliest breakfast was undoubtedly just a chunk of bread and a mug of watered wine !!
... nibbling a breakfast could be censured as contributing to the sin of gluttony !!!
And here it is the full Breakfast Foods List of my poor ancestors :
Anchovies - smoked or preserved.
Bread - any variety.
Herring - smoked or preserved.
Salmon - smoked or preserved.
Salt Fish - preserved pieces of filleted ling, hake, cod, or whiting.
Sop in Wine - toast or bread in wine.
Trout - smoked or preserved.

'Rise at 5, dine at 9,sup at 5, retire at 9,for a long life.' Medical School of Salerno
and many very interesting books on this page (click), in english but certainly available in french or other language on Amazon.


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