December 31, 2004

Poor Sri Lanka's President

What a surprise when I've discovered that Her Excellency Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga, President of Sri Lanka.... is a beautiful woman !! : so I've read her 2005 wishes, words that really gives hopes if such a calamity can produce peace in exchange. That should be the deal so I could better accept.
and I copy her speech an address to the nation, December 28, on the tsunami disaster
"This is a moment of great humility for us all. We have been incredibly humbled by Nature's great forces. An ineluctable truth has been laid bare before us all. The mighty forces of Nature have compelled us to learn a lesson that some of us refused for long to learn. We have to act together, if we are to emerge from the ashes of this destruction. Loss of life, loss and destruction of property take place irrespective of whether it is in the North or South. It does not differentiate between the Sinhalese, Tamils or Muslims."

>> The Tsunami Information Management Centre for Sri Lanka has been created recently to merge helpful addresses, phone numbers...

I found very interesting this updated and very detailed MAP of AFFECTED AREAS.

>> I was wondering since few days what was doing Dalai Lama?. I've finally found on the official website that His Holiness the Dalai Lama has sent letters to the leaders Tsunami-hit countries and has contributed 500000 Rupees to the Prime Minister's Relief Fund.

At the Tsuglakhang main temple was attended by a large number of monks, nuns and lay public on Tuesday. Prayers were offered for the rebirth of the dead in the higher realms, welfare of the families of the dead and healthy balance of the earth's natural forces. "
He also declared special thought to the people of Sri Lanka, country where is has never been allowed to visit.

>> A french guy, 58, living in Thailand since 5 years is publishing rare personal pictures of the Tsunami in Khao Lak , Pukhet... weblog in french, anyway g to see the destructions pages 1 to 3.


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