December 29, 2004

Sofitel Khao Lak is Hell

>> Khao Lak, Magic Lagoon, well....on the Sofitel website, on this specific page about the Hotel near Pukhet where so many tourists have desapeared in the disaster Accor published an updated infomation with emergency numbers.

>The word NICOBAR means "Land of the NAKED"
Also, I'read these articles on Yahoo India and Express India (better details) , you know they were exploring the islands of Nicobar, Andaman and isolated others, still not reached today. They had a new replica today 5.1 on Richter scale, rescued and living people miss all, they eat coconuts and are so far from the coats. Many indigene tribes may have diseapeared. Can we imagine thousand people living like Robinson just with coconuts. and for how long ?
Need more details ? : Ive found this indin guy blog about help & emergency, recent posts especially for Nicobar & islands :

Filling me with fear also, tsunami power included in this info : "Another island, TRINKET, has been split in two. " Trinket is a narrow, long and almost flat island with an area of 3626 hectares. Trinket is surrounded by about 303 hectares of mangroves and densely populated corals that provide a suitable habitat for tropical biodiversity.
If you have time, have a look to this study : Environmental Relations on Trinket Island, especially chapter 2 : The Geographical and Historical Context

I've found god infos about the Nicobar and Andaman island in the website : click here to see . Do you know how many little isles ? 572 islands of which only 36 are inhabited, islets prominent ones being Ritchie's Archipelago and the Labyrinth (!!) Islands. (total 319).

Have a look to the coast map and see that's impossible to explore all and quickly rescue people.
amateur video:


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