December 06, 2004

Transparent Trade

Transparent Trade We buy almost all our food organic, also shower gel, shampoo, cleaning stuff for the house, washing powder...we have a organic little supermaket very close to the house, I never go to the hudge Auchan, which is same as Wall Mart in the states. I go there to find my cat food, she doesn't want to eat organic food for pets! I've lost this game. Anyway, supermarkets sell more and more organic, but which does not taste and does not loook the same as in our organic supermaket. They invest in the Fair trade, and now Ive read they invest the comitees which give the faire trade labels. I've discovered this new movement against the "unfair" fair trade taken by dsitribution, it's the Transparent trade. Click on the title and you'll see the website, but it's in french. because organic food and stuff is now a growing market, we have to watch what is fair ad unfair and not buy fair when it's not ! do not want to be new pro-organic dummies.


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