December 26, 2004

Ultralow calorie diets & Virtual Presenter

I still think of the disaster consequences and hate we have to wait replicas'.
I've found few thinks on th internet today : a virtual presenter for your website, not so good as the "avatar" in Yahoo massenger and looks like a not yet finished Sim's 2.
Here it is a website using it on purpose : That's a good idea, but I'll wait for better avatar. I'm very interested by audio now on for this blog and next step to my business websites.

Food : in the last Newsweeks (January 26th) about ultra-low-calorie diets which should extend human life, read the KEY for all failing diets turning into ugly Yo-Yo: "What accounts for the strange phenomenon that semi-starvation appears to prolong life ? One theory is that calorie restriction slows metabolism, the burning of glucose for energy. This effect - which presumably serves the evolutionary purpose of conserving calories during periods of famine - is well know to dieters (nb :that's the information); as they eat less, their metabolic rate drops, and it becomes harder to burn off fat..."


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