January 31, 2005


Brandy - listen her music.
I like her very much. also her album singing with Monica.
All memories from the time I were in the Caribeans...

January 30, 2005

What is a friend ?

Indeed, what is a friend ? at this time I can say that my best friends are the person I see the less, I could mention Nelly who lives in Montpellier, Leila who's in Juan les Pins, Monique who's near Paris. I haven't seen Nelly for 1 year and a half, Leila...for 4 years and Monique for...6 years maybe.
We keep in touch, once a year for New Year's wishes and by a phone call or a postcard. It doesn't matter, they are my real friends and we follow up our dicussions just like we had dinner the day before. Time is like sliding on this.

Now I could mention all the "friends" I had when I was living in Paris, who's calling me since I've left ? no-bo-dy. Who do I whish to call....I even do not have one name to give you. Oh yes, remind him.... Albert, my hairdresser, the only one who knew how to make THE cut each time I needed it. I miss him, that's true.
Where are the friends I was caring so much when I was student in Bordeaux ? we stoped phoning and seeing each other when I move to Paris...
Next move?, when I leave Marseille, would you bet : how many "friends" will keep in touch with me ? I also bet the reciprocalness will be true...
So maybe a friend is a short interaction you need for the time you live in a place. and no more.
Best friend, it's another story. And far away relationship is fresh air !

January 25, 2005

Ice karting

Sunday evening, as we were in Monaco, we've met our local friend Laurent Jardin who organized with the Monaco local administration a great activity on the pool situated near the harbour: ice karting, with electric karts, 6 minutes racing around the ice rink. I am the lastest concerned by this exhilarating endurance race, but when the guy asked who wanted to make a turn, Patrick (who loves it !) said no and I was almost pulled by this guy inside the kart, and guess what, that's great !! I turn and turn faster and faster and was sliding more and more.
My stomach was a bit upside down as we had a full meal at the Star's and Bar few moment ago, and the food they serve is the hardest to digest, but so good. One a while, trust me it's enough.
See this bar here : http://www.starsnbars.com/
see the full menu : http://www.starsnbars.com/Food/menu.html
and we had as starter : Tapas (enough for 2 to share)
(a selection from) BBQ Buffalo Wings, Olympic Onion Rings, Fried Mozarella Sticks, Chicken Fingers, Fried Jalapeños with Ranch Dressing and Salsa.
Patrick has choosen : BBQ Baby Pork Ribs - Succulent and delicious, served with coleslaw. + French fries and I 've choosen the veggie tacos.
I would had all this + 2 beers + 1 pineaple juice + diet coke = 50 euros

January 22, 2005

Sir Francis Drake Exploration Society

Sir Francis Drake Exploration Society I've been surprised discovering this society, founded for the 400th anniversary of Drake's death (1540?- 1596). The aim is to perpetuate the memory of Sir Francis Drake, first Englishman to circumnavigate the world and well know for defeating the spanish, especially the great Armada in 1588.
He won so many battles, but died of dysentery in the West Indies. The contrast is hard.

Also, we leave tomorrow for Nice, short journey, off, have one night at the Holiday Inn Resort at Saint-Laurent du Var, we'll probably go the evening to Monaco to have served this great napolitan pizza in the italian restaurant we've discovered when we were at the Monaco Yacht Show in september,and monday morning we leave for Asti where we have our supplier (Italy). We come back the same day, at night.
I'm so happy having this one day off. The bad side is we will drive the Renault Kangoo, it's necessary to bring back the stuff. Never mind !

January 19, 2005

Planet Cats and Dogs

We love so much our animals. Everyday I have to cheerish MUDAN, a female cat, european pedigree !! abandonned when she was baby. Mudan means PEONY, in chinese mandarin.
Look at this funny (not trash) videos with animals if you click on the link "3 videos pour commencer la nouvelle année", it was impossible to call directly the weblink, this webmaster is very conservative !
On this website you can see that people educate very seriously their dogs to win races, obedience challenge or courage course... a world I was fully ignoring !
also..look at the dogs name !!!! that's so...aristocratic ? irrational ?

January 18, 2005

Visite the new AIRBUS A380 !

Today we have discovered for the first time the Airbus A 380 in real, later we'll see it flying.Everybody said it did not look bigger than the 1340 but fatter, like a big muffin !

AIRBUS A380 : visite en images du futur Airbus A380

Have a look to the virtual view : here

Price in millions USD : between : 263 and 286 - Mxi mass at taking off : 562 tons
Today : 139 aircrafts have been ordered.
Also, a funny quizz about this new european airplane, click here to improve your knowledge !

January 16, 2005

Tsunami Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Lumbago !! again this week end, two days in bed, with this painful condition of the lower back, last week it was three slipped disks and yesterday resulting from muscle strain. I presumed I was too much healthy and went to my fitness center, one hour later, crunch... could not even walk.
I've taken time to watch three dummies DVDs, like "Dr Jekyll and Mrs Hyde", "Friday" and "Rent a Man", read my Da Vinci Code, also this article in Newsweek last issue about the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which may affect the tsunami victims. [following a previous post about this also]
I've found this website ressource about : The Mental Health Consequences of the Tsunami Disaster
and a first approach: The diagnosis of PTSD requires that one or more symptoms from each of the following categories be present for at least a month and that symptom or symptoms must seriously interfere with leading a normal life:
- Reliving the event through upsetting thoughts, nightmares or flashbacks, or having very strong mental and physical reactions if something reminds the person of the event.
- Avoiding activities, thoughts, feelings or conversations that remind the person of the event; feeling numb to one's surroundings; or being unable to remember details of the event.
- Having a loss of interest in important activities, feeling all alone, being unable to have normal emotions or feeling that there is nothing to look forward to in the future may also be experienced.
- Feeling that one can never relax and must be on guard all the time to protect oneself, trouble sleeping, feeling irritable, overreacting when startled, angry outbursts or trouble concentrating.

That's linked, for example, with interviews of fishermen who lost all owned, boats, fishing equipment. They admit now being frighten by the sea. They may not be able to go fishing any more, that's why in India (as far as I can remind me, it's in India) some firemen or military corps bring them immedialty back on the sea to avoid this PTSD.

January 13, 2005

World Most Googled 2004

This week, in the Newsweek issue, I've found this funny little article about the 2004 most google search topics. I copy this for you, and add the link, that's cool, better than on the paper you can't click on !!
Autralia = Paris Hilton
Brazil = Receita Federal (tax)
Canada = Inuyasha
China = Dao Lang
France = Britney Spears (why??? + 10 kilos last year)
Japan = Gackt
Norway = Orlando Bloom
Russia = Vetton
South Korea = Maria Sharapova
Spain = Real Madrid
U.K. = BBC News (ouuuuh boring !!)
U.S.A. = Britney Spears (other link)

Finally, Britney should be a recruited as ambassador !

January 11, 2005

Da Vinci Code

My sister sent me - she lives in London - Da Vinci Code best seller, in english and assured me it was easy to read. Indeed, it's a bit difficult, with much vocabulary, - Ok, I can hear you, I know that's good to improve my english - but the story is soo o o o absorbing that I read it slowly and die to know what's next chapter and begin to think of it when I become awake until when I jump back on my bed to follow up.
If ever a coming movie is produced in Holywood (I've found that The Da Vinci Code is now being adapted for film by Columbia Pictures) , please please ask Jeff Bridges to play Robert Langdon, the Harvard symbologist. Bridges's so much Him. Nobody would better invest this character.
[update] Waaaa, desesperate !! It's done, it's TOM HANKS !! directed by Ron Howard , read the article with full details. ]
Problem is now for Dan Brown's publishing next novel which must be a blockbuster otherwise... he would desapoint all his fans readers. Just like JK Rowling next Harry Potter's issue is a complete dud. Crime !!!
I 've seen Dan Brown has also published before Da Vinci Code : Angels & Demons, Digital Fortress and Deception Point.

January 10, 2005

Champagne for Tsunami

Some companies develop now strange marketing strategies around Tsunami event.
The worse, at this time, from my point of view, is done by the Bistro Romain restaurants chain in France.
Fom January 1st to 8th, for each cup of Champagne paid, this company gives 1 euro to the French Red Cross. Bistro Romain is kind of cheap lunch restaurant, you can eat a menu for 15 euros.
The way this chain communicates for helping tsunami victims linking charity with buying an extra glass of campagne is not ethic but mostly commercial. And I do not trust them. That's all. By this fake "good heart" gift, it's indeed an outrageous advantageous gain in return they expect. I would drink champagne somewhere esle !!

January 09, 2005

Elvis. Beauty

Elvis. This guy was so handsome, his smile so so...I can't find the words.
Today, my back hurts, I've a lumbago and can do nothing ! I'm worried for tomorrow.

January 08, 2005

Lo's in the Sky with....

You can watch NASA TV on internet I've found this very interesting TV but after less than 2 minutes, the image is jumping from left to right up to bottom in jerky tremendous shakes, like emitted from Moon. Now it's been 5 minutes I 'm seeing a kind of transparent blue sphere coming close and turning, doing nothing.
Also, as we're all in week-end, we can take few minutes for this quizz which shows so beautiful pictures from Earth.
Nasa has conclude the most important typographic map of the world, 80% is done today. I've found a good article + video about it, but in spanish on a Chilean website...oops, sorry.

Following the tsunami consequences, I'm looking things from the Cosmos today, as you've already noticed, ...(maybe this Italian wine at lunch ??), well, I've found this site: Global Tectonic Datasets and now you can see that WE'RE ALL ON A POTENTIAL earthquake waves !! No...I'm bad, LOOK AT THE MAP AND you can be safe in Uruguay, North Canada, Siberia and Antartica. Top!, what a choice !! I can't wait.

January 07, 2005

Philipino vs French maid

First of all, I'd like to thank Bryan (I'm your FAN) who took time to write a newsworthy comment about philipino maid salary - see yesterday's comment- and his mention about relationship between Counterfeit items that harbor terrorism.
Please Bryan, you should develop this point one day because I don't know what is meant beyond.
Following our idea, I'd like to mention my housemaid (France), who only comes monday morning and sometimes friday for extras, her wage =10 euros/hour. She (that's minimum minimum standard price) would not come for less and that's a kind of job you can find nobody available, so good house maid are very rare and expensive and beware not go in opposition with her otherwise she might leave and she would have no problem to immediatly find a new housejob. On the other side, it would take month before you hire a new one. My house maid name is Pierrette, she's good at ironing but absolutly sticky at cleaning. For example, I've seen her last month, she cleans the sink with the floor cleaner using the dishwashing sponge ....
Anyway I like her much and she has been saving money for months and months to go in April in Thailand with her whole family,, kind of dream-holidays-of her-life, true... at this time she probably won't go to Thailand. Many tourists are thinking this way and cancel. She might go in the Caribeans. That's SO COOL !! I love the Caribeans.

January 06, 2005

Colin Powell is human

After visiting ruins caused by Tsunami; Colin Powell shocked.

January 05, 2005

India would copy new Dior Jacket

Patrick asked me to find how much in euros was the Dalai Lama donation for Tsunami disaster. So 500 000 Rupees is (only) 8.662 euros. I think it is Indian Rupees as Dalai Lama lives in Dharamsala.

I was wondering if that's a good or low donation compared to the monthly salary of an idian worker. They work for nothing !!! Ok, I know, food is cheap and all around also, anyway, look at this cheap cheap cheap salary for very good skills jobs:
A Software Ingeneer in Bangalore earns 8798 INR = 151,96 euros/month , but less in Mumbai (Bombay) 5700 INR = 98,45 euros/month. On payscale.com I've seen Indian salary in computer/office is between 5000 and 12000 rupees = 207,27, maximum is for consultants, project manager...
With 207 euro/month, indian consultants are Stars in the city, but far away to be able buying the new launched Dior Jacket, which is 2180 euros and in Jean fabric,... cheaper 855 euros. It is worn in Dior ads by the daughter of Lisa-Marie Presley, herself daughter of the King.
Bet indian sewer can copy it for cheaper ? Ok that's easy to compare, anyway, I can't help myself. I would add; I love Dior jackets, but question is about global economy balance.
It's not Dior jacket seen as too expensive, it's indian computer ingeneer's salary seen as shocking low.
I could not find after a long time on internet the average salary for a maid or factory worker. sorry.

Does Rizal have an angel ?

Tsunami survivor saved after 8 days afloat on tree, his name is Rizal Shahputra, he is 23 years old, indonesian. One survivor between the 95000 indonesian dead. On his floating tree, 185 kilometers from the shores of Aceh, he lived off rainwater and coconuts that floated by, he was saved by the containership MV Durban Bridge. This guy is incredible, I hope we'll have an interview soon.

Where did he find the strength to survive so long ? he has seen all his family disapear in the floods and after three days, alone in the middle of the water with rare coconuts to survive I would have put myself 200% desesperate in the sea and definitly sink.
I presume.....but probably there is a strong force, a deep resistance that helps to survive and takes the control of your mind and just commands and commands : shut up ! and survive the longest you are able. Brain and body biochemistry may change in this conditions no ?, I'd like to find any study which could confirm this biochemistry mutation which leads to survive above all.
Or maybe, that's...an angel coming on our shoulder ... and give back hope?

January 03, 2005

Deep thinker ! & Nutriset humanitarian nutrition

Before yesterday, my mother was phone calling me, bla bla, and said her friend Karine, a 34/35 woman, teacher in local high school, has passed by and while talking about the asian event, told her final opinion :
" See how Nature regulates the planet, there was too many people in these countries, it's was too crowdy and hep! the tsunami regulates and balances the demography." and my mother telling me, "...she's right, ...indeed, Nature knows better than us, She's above us...bla bla." MOTHER NATURE !!
So we should leave these deep thinkers that could also explain that mother nature probably also develops AIDS to purificate world of homosexuals and drug addicted (heard, many times...sorry, sorry).
We should add to this SO clever theory, that Mother Nature kills in Asia ALSO because Curry food is not good for people, She and her Son Tsunami are very concerned by eradication of SUSHI and SASHIMI and hits particularly Japan for that.
So, if we follow the Karine's deep theory, to avoid any disaster for you and your family:
- avoid crowdy places,
- especially where is eaten curry or raw fish.
Mother nature would not regulate you.

If you are, like me, wondering what survivors and refugees are eaten, check this company, unique in the world:
Nutriset - range of products - overview Nutriset is the food company entirely dedicated to humanitarian nutrition programs. // I confirm what you say in comment : yes it's a french company, see this horror food, lucky they are the refugees have no choice.

Fear and Phobia


Since yesterday, I'm reading "Psychology of Fear" by Christophe André, a psychiatrist in Paris. In Indonesia, Sri Lanka, one week after the Tsunami, we can see organizations are still in the first step of immediate help, for emergency, food, potable water, hygiene, drugs.
It's the further steps which worries me. My question is which traumatisms, phobias and fears will inherit the victims, I thinks especially to the kids.

Can we figure out the depth of traumatisme lived by the closest who were on the beach and lost husband, son, friend, to the farest: for example families in France or Sweden, waiting for a phone call, that may never come.
Sending money for emergency help is necessary, but money can't be the future right answer to the deep traumatisms. We should think of a long distance psychologic help for the survivors.
Can we, anonymous and non professionnal, settle basis of this international psychologic recomfort ? or only professional are able, with reason, to help and make thoses people live happy at least. indeed, I guess both are necessary.

January 02, 2005

Ghouls rush in - Daily News NY USA. Sunday 2/2005

January 01, 2005

Satellite view & Philadelphia blind

We do not live on the same planet !! they write it Sunday 2nd!! : it's ALL GOOD
today's front page/by redirection. // see today : Still very concerned by disaster !!
Philadelphia Daily News. USA. Front page updated
And absolute incredible content: Mummers on the march, Fewer gifts for older kids?, Pennsylvania State Police sexual misconduct scandal, many what they call "top news from Iraq", and not a word about the tsunami disaster, except this interview "people" how "before dawn on Christmas (!!! what an horror for this newspaper, "before dawn of Christmas", that's the worst and such so undecent for a tragedy, isn't it ??), Tammy and Jason van Steenburgh prepared for their long climb up and recounts the tsunami escape.

You can check how newspapers published their saturday and sunday's front page here:

Have a look (p. 1) to the Star and Stripes; Washington DC. Midesast edition. Thanks they have a page 7 to inform readers about the present world major disaster.

As we have noticed few days ago, tourists are back on the beach and in slut bars, the one who could not go to Pukhet ("shit my hotel is destroyed") changed to Kho Samui where many professionnals double prices for the rooms,
... so reports this cover (p. 3): the Daily News ( New York) , and tell me how so uncounscious people can accept swimming, bathing, tanning in any Pukhet beach at this time ? can one of these ghouls write to me and explain ?

How looks the Tsunami disaster from the sky ? have a look to the satellite tsunami mapping made by the Center for Satellite Based Crisis Information. I was especially impressed by Banda Aceh Shore in Indonesia, satellite Spot 5 has a black and white (§!!! bad) recent picture Image12/28/04 of Port Blair, cap. of the Andaman island: see here and very good tsunami gallery before/disaster/after on digitalglobe website.

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