January 11, 2005

Da Vinci Code

My sister sent me - she lives in London - Da Vinci Code best seller, in english and assured me it was easy to read. Indeed, it's a bit difficult, with much vocabulary, - Ok, I can hear you, I know that's good to improve my english - but the story is soo o o o absorbing that I read it slowly and die to know what's next chapter and begin to think of it when I become awake until when I jump back on my bed to follow up.
If ever a coming movie is produced in Holywood (I've found that The Da Vinci Code is now being adapted for film by Columbia Pictures) , please please ask Jeff Bridges to play Robert Langdon, the Harvard symbologist. Bridges's so much Him. Nobody would better invest this character.
[update] Waaaa, desesperate !! It's done, it's TOM HANKS !! directed by Ron Howard , read the article with full details. ]
Problem is now for Dan Brown's publishing next novel which must be a blockbuster otherwise... he would desapoint all his fans readers. Just like JK Rowling next Harry Potter's issue is a complete dud. Crime !!!
I 've seen Dan Brown has also published before Da Vinci Code : Angels & Demons, Digital Fortress and Deception Point.


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