January 03, 2005

Deep thinker ! & Nutriset humanitarian nutrition

Before yesterday, my mother was phone calling me, bla bla, and said her friend Karine, a 34/35 woman, teacher in local high school, has passed by and while talking about the asian event, told her final opinion :
" See how Nature regulates the planet, there was too many people in these countries, it's was too crowdy and hep! the tsunami regulates and balances the demography." and my mother telling me, "...she's right, ...indeed, Nature knows better than us, She's above us...bla bla." MOTHER NATURE !!
So we should leave these deep thinkers that could also explain that mother nature probably also develops AIDS to purificate world of homosexuals and drug addicted (heard, many times...sorry, sorry).
We should add to this SO clever theory, that Mother Nature kills in Asia ALSO because Curry food is not good for people, She and her Son Tsunami are very concerned by eradication of SUSHI and SASHIMI and hits particularly Japan for that.
So, if we follow the Karine's deep theory, to avoid any disaster for you and your family:
- avoid crowdy places,
- especially where is eaten curry or raw fish.
Mother nature would not regulate you.

If you are, like me, wondering what survivors and refugees are eaten, check this company, unique in the world:
Nutriset - range of products - overview Nutriset is the food company entirely dedicated to humanitarian nutrition programs. // I confirm what you say in comment : yes it's a french company, see this horror food, lucky they are the refugees have no choice.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

and it's a french company!!!

January 04, 2005 4:27 PM  

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