January 05, 2005

Does Rizal have an angel ?

Tsunami survivor saved after 8 days afloat on tree, his name is Rizal Shahputra, he is 23 years old, indonesian. One survivor between the 95000 indonesian dead. On his floating tree, 185 kilometers from the shores of Aceh, he lived off rainwater and coconuts that floated by, he was saved by the containership MV Durban Bridge. This guy is incredible, I hope we'll have an interview soon.

Where did he find the strength to survive so long ? he has seen all his family disapear in the floods and after three days, alone in the middle of the water with rare coconuts to survive I would have put myself 200% desesperate in the sea and definitly sink.
I presume.....but probably there is a strong force, a deep resistance that helps to survive and takes the control of your mind and just commands and commands : shut up ! and survive the longest you are able. Brain and body biochemistry may change in this conditions no ?, I'd like to find any study which could confirm this biochemistry mutation which leads to survive above all.
Or maybe, that's...an angel coming on our shoulder ... and give back hope?


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