January 05, 2005

India would copy new Dior Jacket

Patrick asked me to find how much in euros was the Dalai Lama donation for Tsunami disaster. So 500 000 Rupees is (only) 8.662 euros. I think it is Indian Rupees as Dalai Lama lives in Dharamsala.

I was wondering if that's a good or low donation compared to the monthly salary of an idian worker. They work for nothing !!! Ok, I know, food is cheap and all around also, anyway, look at this cheap cheap cheap salary for very good skills jobs:
A Software Ingeneer in Bangalore earns 8798 INR = 151,96 euros/month , but less in Mumbai (Bombay) 5700 INR = 98,45 euros/month. On payscale.com I've seen Indian salary in computer/office is between 5000 and 12000 rupees = 207,27, maximum is for consultants, project manager...
With 207 euro/month, indian consultants are Stars in the city, but far away to be able buying the new launched Dior Jacket, which is 2180 euros and in Jean fabric,... cheaper 855 euros. It is worn in Dior ads by the daughter of Lisa-Marie Presley, herself daughter of the King.
Bet indian sewer can copy it for cheaper ? Ok that's easy to compare, anyway, I can't help myself. I would add; I love Dior jackets, but question is about global economy balance.
It's not Dior jacket seen as too expensive, it's indian computer ingeneer's salary seen as shocking low.
I could not find after a long time on internet the average salary for a maid or factory worker. sorry.


Blogger Bryanboy said...

Not sure about Indian statistics but the average salary for a full-time, live-in (food and board provided), Filipino maid in middle-class households run anywhere between US$50 - US$100 per month. Shocking, indeed.

I would never, ever, under any circumstances, buy a fake Dior jacket. Counterfeit items harbor terrorism.

January 06, 2005 3:08 PM  

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