January 08, 2005

Lo's in the Sky with....

You can watch NASA TV on internet I've found this very interesting TV but after less than 2 minutes, the image is jumping from left to right up to bottom in jerky tremendous shakes, like emitted from Moon. Now it's been 5 minutes I 'm seeing a kind of transparent blue sphere coming close and turning, doing nothing.
Also, as we're all in week-end, we can take few minutes for this quizz which shows so beautiful pictures from Earth.
Nasa has conclude the most important typographic map of the world, 80% is done today. I've found a good article + video about it, but in spanish on a Chilean website...oops, sorry.

Following the tsunami consequences, I'm looking things from the Cosmos today, as you've already noticed, ...(maybe this Italian wine at lunch ??), well, I've found this site: Global Tectonic Datasets and now you can see that WE'RE ALL ON A POTENTIAL earthquake waves !! No...I'm bad, LOOK AT THE MAP AND you can be safe in Uruguay, North Canada, Siberia and Antartica. Top!, what a choice !! I can't wait.


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