January 07, 2005

Philipino vs French maid

First of all, I'd like to thank Bryan (I'm your FAN) who took time to write a newsworthy comment about philipino maid salary - see yesterday's comment- and his mention about relationship between Counterfeit items that harbor terrorism.
Please Bryan, you should develop this point one day because I don't know what is meant beyond.
Following our idea, I'd like to mention my housemaid (France), who only comes monday morning and sometimes friday for extras, her wage =10 euros/hour. She (that's minimum minimum standard price) would not come for less and that's a kind of job you can find nobody available, so good house maid are very rare and expensive and beware not go in opposition with her otherwise she might leave and she would have no problem to immediatly find a new housejob. On the other side, it would take month before you hire a new one. My house maid name is Pierrette, she's good at ironing but absolutly sticky at cleaning. For example, I've seen her last month, she cleans the sink with the floor cleaner using the dishwashing sponge ....
Anyway I like her much and she has been saving money for months and months to go in April in Thailand with her whole family,, kind of dream-holidays-of her-life, true... at this time she probably won't go to Thailand. Many tourists are thinking this way and cancel. She might go in the Caribeans. That's SO COOL !! I love the Caribeans.


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