January 01, 2005

Satellite view & Philadelphia blind

We do not live on the same planet !! they write it Sunday 2nd!! : it's ALL GOOD
today's front page/by redirection. // see today : Still very concerned by disaster !!
Philadelphia Daily News. USA. Front page updated
And absolute incredible content: Mummers on the march, Fewer gifts for older kids?, Pennsylvania State Police sexual misconduct scandal, many what they call "top news from Iraq", and not a word about the tsunami disaster, except this interview "people" how "before dawn on Christmas (!!! what an horror for this newspaper, "before dawn of Christmas", that's the worst and such so undecent for a tragedy, isn't it ??), Tammy and Jason van Steenburgh prepared for their long climb up and recounts the tsunami escape.

You can check how newspapers published their saturday and sunday's front page here:

Have a look (p. 1) to the Star and Stripes; Washington DC. Midesast edition. Thanks they have a page 7 to inform readers about the present world major disaster.

As we have noticed few days ago, tourists are back on the beach and in slut bars, the one who could not go to Pukhet ("shit my hotel is destroyed") changed to Kho Samui where many professionnals double prices for the rooms,
... so reports this cover (p. 3): the Daily News ( New York) , and tell me how so uncounscious people can accept swimming, bathing, tanning in any Pukhet beach at this time ? can one of these ghouls write to me and explain ?

How looks the Tsunami disaster from the sky ? have a look to the satellite tsunami mapping made by the Center for Satellite Based Crisis Information. I was especially impressed by Banda Aceh Shore in Indonesia, satellite Spot 5 has a black and white (§!!! bad) recent picture Image12/28/04 of Port Blair, cap. of the Andaman island: see here and very good tsunami gallery before/disaster/after on digitalglobe website.


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