January 16, 2005

Tsunami Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Lumbago !! again this week end, two days in bed, with this painful condition of the lower back, last week it was three slipped disks and yesterday resulting from muscle strain. I presumed I was too much healthy and went to my fitness center, one hour later, crunch... could not even walk.
I've taken time to watch three dummies DVDs, like "Dr Jekyll and Mrs Hyde", "Friday" and "Rent a Man", read my Da Vinci Code, also this article in Newsweek last issue about the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which may affect the tsunami victims. [following a previous post about this also]
I've found this website ressource about : The Mental Health Consequences of the Tsunami Disaster
and a first approach: The diagnosis of PTSD requires that one or more symptoms from each of the following categories be present for at least a month and that symptom or symptoms must seriously interfere with leading a normal life:
- Reliving the event through upsetting thoughts, nightmares or flashbacks, or having very strong mental and physical reactions if something reminds the person of the event.
- Avoiding activities, thoughts, feelings or conversations that remind the person of the event; feeling numb to one's surroundings; or being unable to remember details of the event.
- Having a loss of interest in important activities, feeling all alone, being unable to have normal emotions or feeling that there is nothing to look forward to in the future may also be experienced.
- Feeling that one can never relax and must be on guard all the time to protect oneself, trouble sleeping, feeling irritable, overreacting when startled, angry outbursts or trouble concentrating.

That's linked, for example, with interviews of fishermen who lost all owned, boats, fishing equipment. They admit now being frighten by the sea. They may not be able to go fishing any more, that's why in India (as far as I can remind me, it's in India) some firemen or military corps bring them immedialty back on the sea to avoid this PTSD.


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