January 30, 2005

What is a friend ?

Indeed, what is a friend ? at this time I can say that my best friends are the person I see the less, I could mention Nelly who lives in Montpellier, Leila who's in Juan les Pins, Monique who's near Paris. I haven't seen Nelly for 1 year and a half, Leila...for 4 years and Monique for...6 years maybe.
We keep in touch, once a year for New Year's wishes and by a phone call or a postcard. It doesn't matter, they are my real friends and we follow up our dicussions just like we had dinner the day before. Time is like sliding on this.

Now I could mention all the "friends" I had when I was living in Paris, who's calling me since I've left ? no-bo-dy. Who do I whish to call....I even do not have one name to give you. Oh yes, remind him.... Albert, my hairdresser, the only one who knew how to make THE cut each time I needed it. I miss him, that's true.
Where are the friends I was caring so much when I was student in Bordeaux ? we stoped phoning and seeing each other when I move to Paris...
Next move?, when I leave Marseille, would you bet : how many "friends" will keep in touch with me ? I also bet the reciprocalness will be true...
So maybe a friend is a short interaction you need for the time you live in a place. and no more.
Best friend, it's another story. And far away relationship is fresh air !


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