January 13, 2005

World Most Googled 2004

This week, in the Newsweek issue, I've found this funny little article about the 2004 most google search topics. I copy this for you, and add the link, that's cool, better than on the paper you can't click on !!
Autralia = Paris Hilton
Brazil = Receita Federal (tax)
Canada = Inuyasha
China = Dao Lang
France = Britney Spears (why??? + 10 kilos last year)
Japan = Gackt
Norway = Orlando Bloom
Russia = Vetton
South Korea = Maria Sharapova
Spain = Real Madrid
U.K. = BBC News (ouuuuh boring !!)
U.S.A. = Britney Spears (other link)

Finally, Britney should be a recruited as ambassador !


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