February 28, 2005

Frantico's comic blog

Drawings blog : Frantico 's blog
This is a french fun-realistic comic and gifted illustrator; if you read some french you'll have a good time....choosen page...a page with some english click here

By the way, Togolese (????) president son-of resigned awaiting for the official coming vote. Shame was probably too heavy...
We had SNOW today in AUBAGNE, I gave some bread and seeds to the bords but they IGNORED it. Bullshit

February 23, 2005

Togo....in Africa

[Updated : He resigned, maybe internationl SHAME on HIM, and accepts democratic votes for a new president. Constitution changed and all stuffs are forgotten.]
Faure Essozimna GNASSINGBE, is the new president of Togo after long-distance-President Eyadema Gnassingbe died beginning of February. Yes !! same name, it's his son, who is not elected, you're right.
Military high command annonced it hours later father died, and Parliament just adapted the blocking laws and re-amend the Constitution to help Son becoming new president until 2008.

In Paris, immediatly Togolese people rallied in the street and protest at Gnassingbe's seizure of power.
Top ressource about TOGO :
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Togo where we can discover the general anthem of Togo : Salut à toi, pays de nos aïeux - Hail to thee, land of our forefathers
illustrated by the recent events : this anthem is still honored !

The current mood of meeting at www.imood.comIt's so cold today. Snow is everywhere in France, here in Marseille it's sunny yes OK but sssooooo cold (for me, sorry for people living in Canada,..)

February 21, 2005

Dassault Falcon 7X

Dassault Falcon 7X

February 20, 2005

Artificial intelligence, underground world

I 'm just amazed how artificial intelligence is a hudge hudge ressource on internet, researchers, students, powerful associations, very serious studies.. that's an underground world beyond us. All this artififical intelligence and agents studies...what's the result in our everyday life ? can you tell me ? isn't it more likely for the Army all that stuff ?

I've discovered that ants are under high observance for understanding artificial intelligence.
The artificial anthill: project presentation : See the applet simulation !!
[update: how to catch and keep ants at home in a playground : nice site with pictures here]
This website is interesting for the goal members, from Czech Republic, France, Italy, Poland, USA,... follow in understanding artifical intelligence.
Visit also Alexis Drogoul 's website in french or english) and you can also download informations with slides (french, or english).
More sources ? I've found many many interesting infos, unreachable content for me, anyway, that's exists for so so many clever people around the world, just have a look :
Europe : European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence
France :Association Française d'Intelligence Artificielle
USA : American Association for Artificial Intelligence!
Spain (website in english) : Ulises Cortes researcher of the Technical University of Catalonia
also Knowledge Engineering & Machine Learning Group and with this very very special project : http://www.argumentation.org ....still don't know what it is... a BIG BIG BLANK in my head !!
today I'm ... : The current mood of meeting@club-internet.fr at www.imood.com

February 18, 2005

UGANDA let's go!

UGANDA Website for a tourist tour
I''ve heard this morning on the radio, tragedy in Uganda as anthrax claims 300 hippos since the las 6 months. I LOOOOVE hippos. I cannot suffer them dying like shit in mud.
read the news on yahoo

February 17, 2005

Halal rules

In Marseille and around, and I've seen also in Paris, we can find Halal slaughterhouse, and supermarkets, for the muslims who prefer following the Coran food rules.
I was wondering, what is Halal in detail ?
Halal rules (condensed, now...post comments if you know better, thanks)
- Muslims should only eat Coran authorized food.
- They should know the required correct food - HALAL - in opposition with the incorrect one - HARAM.
Reprobate: Pork, alcool, animal fat, meat not one of the declared halal species, meat that has not been slaughtered in the manner prescribed by the shari?a, the muslim law.
Ritual is : the slaghter man must be muslim, head turn to the Mecque, kills the animal by slicing open the jugular veins at the neck, resulting in quick blood loss while saying the words :
" Bismillah Arrahman Arrahim Allahou Akbar" . If the ritual is not respected, the meat is prohibited to consumption.
A website to know more (in spanish) : http://www.institutohalal.com
In english, the rules : http://www.uh.edu/campus/msa/articles/halal.html

February 13, 2005

Funny clock !!

Patrick is working on his new curriculum vitae, a new organisation is settled in his company, and he's afraid things goes worse, so as nobody knows what can happen, he prefers anticipation and prepares some future projects. If things turn good, it's not lost, he can anyway have an above view of his cursus and think of next step.
I should also make my CV.

China Legal publications

GIDE LOYRETTE NOUEL, is a powerful independent international law firm, operates out of 18 offices around the world and has 2 offices in China.
Last month, Patrick brought me back a copy this Law firm publishes more or less each month. As we intend to develop business relations with China, I've read some chapers about the new investment laws for foreign companies (recent: december 2004 and not finished, planned until 2007).
After I resigned, feared by the headache.
You can read in english this publication about China Legal News, but also, if you are interested by South-East Asia, Orient,.. this law firm also publishes a montlhy letter.
China letters here
All publications see here
not funny I agree but quite interesting.

MAHJONG COMMUNICATION : my new 2005 company !! I forgot to tell you I'm about to establish this new company with my new partner Pierre who daily updates and takes care of our www.3d-Kite.com website.
We've already launched the projects, have customers, we just need to end up the legal and financial things. Anyway, we can trust a quick success as we have a good name,we are good partners, the logo is easy to use, print, change..., the offer is needed and customers say "OK I want it !! " what else should we expect ?. They pay.. ok !!

February 12, 2005

Me on a electric scooter in China, in august in the factory which makes the Timaro scooter we import. Soon we'll import a bycicle Patrick has designed. Not his one. But I had a lot of fun riding this one !!

February 10, 2005

Taste my friend's wine from Bordeaux

I'm very late mentionning the new website from our very gifted friends in making wine : the BARTHES Family, Philippe, Véronique a super active couple living the the Entre-Deux-Mer near Bordeaux.
Visit their new website, in french and english, and you can order to Veronique and taste the very good white or red wine they produce. They can ship worldwide.
http://www.vbarthe.com/They are members of the "L'envers de Bordeaux" to promote the wine:
"Because there is another way to promote wines.
10 growers, 20 appellations.
Off the beaten track .....that is the spirit of our wines.
The result of an unusual friendship, the Envers de Bordeaux is a group of young growers with a modern vision of Bordeaux wines.
Crafting our wines, Talking about them, Distributing them
A new way of approaching Bordeaux..."

February 07, 2005

Week-end in Lisbon & Calouste Gulbenkian

We arrived in Lisbon - Lisboa - Portugal in a chilly saturday afternoon, the company did no load Patrick suitcase in the plane so he was very mad and we had to wait sunday night to have it, at last. There is only one flight/day between Marseille and Lisboa.
We stayed at the Holiday Inn because I like to collect points with my Priority Club Reward card, at this time we are gold members and I wish to upgrade Silver end of this year, but to tell you the truth, Holiday Inn in Lisbon, the one at Almeira Avenue, is not fantastic.
If you have time, go and visit Lisbon it's a great city, few people 600 000, few cars, many parks, green green city, nd so many nice aeras to discover, typical or modern, a very attractive mix.

We ran quick to visit maximum in one day and a half because I 'm back this afternoon and took off at 9 am. Patrick comes back next saturday. We walked from the hotel to Fondation Calouste Gulbenkian and have visited the museum after a quick lunch at the first floor, so good little pastries, fresh orange juice, and this museum leaves you on the knees at the end, when we came in we were not attending to see so many major art pieces.
we also see a crazy mondern exhibition of "contemporary art of emigrant african artists" !!!

The Lalique collection is beautiful and I was really sceptic about this Lalique collection, I'm not very keen on this "Art Nouveau". Right now, my mind has changed about Lalique talent and production. Have a look here : Lalique Collection
Lalique was a personal friend of Calouste Gulbenkian.

Visit the link to this top collection : http://www.museu.gulbenkian.pt/coleccao.asp?lang=en

+ Bizarre Ugly Fishes !!! complete other subject, I've found this incredible pictures of very very very queer fishes on Momo's blog, see it, that's really weird'urgly. They say that's "Tsunami pictures of strange fish washed up at Phuket". Is it true ??

February 05, 2005

Sharon Stone make a stink at DAVOS

Reuters AlertNet - DAVOS-Sharon Stone raises $1 million for Africa bed nets
"Would any one else like to be on a team with me and stand up and offer some money and help him as well?"
Actress Sharon Stone raised $1 million in five minutes from business tycoons at the Davos World Economic Forum on Friday to fund bed nets to protect African children from malaria-carrying mosquitoes.
Who leads the world, STARS or BUSINESSMEN ? WOMAN or MEN ?

February 04, 2005

Moore Law

This morning at breakfast I was reading the last "Enjeu les echos" issue about "coaching, how you should optimize your computer outcome". It's explained that conjonction of the Morre Law and competition, the computer system exceed generally the need of the company.
What's that Moore's law?? indeed, it's well known.
Read this and you'll say ..ahhhh!!!! yeeessss !!! : Moore's law - An empirical observation stating that the complexity of integrated circuits doubles every 18 months. Outlined in 1965 by Gordon Moore (born 1925), co-founder of Intel refers to the rapidly continuing advance in computing power per dollar cost.
Now, let's use this information to show off at night parties, and enlarge the suject : cite Moore's law to refer to the rapidly continuing advance in computing power per dollar cost.

To impress durably, some other eponymous laws , but some are very diffucult to place, I've rated it (1 easy o 10 maximum difficulty) and send me your score !!
- Finagle's law - Generalized version of Murphy's law : this one is rated 5/10, very difficult because you have to place the Murphy's law first.
explain : fully named Finagle's Law of Dynamic Negatives and usually rendered "anything that can go wrong, will".
- Murphy's law - this one is rated 1/10, really easy, even with your mum. Most commonly formulated as "if anything can go wrong, it will", less commonly "If it can happen, it will happen".
Sturgeon's law - "Ninety percent of everything is crud." this one is rated : 2/10 . Difficulty is to find depressed listerners to have success.
- Maximum argument with a Davos-like economist if you throw out the Say's law - attributed to economist Jean-Baptiste Say and contrasted to Keynes' Law. Difficulty is 8 because you have to read some books before arguing. But probably impressing.
- With a commercial-assles audience, give the Pareto principle : States that for many phenomena 80% of consequences stem from 20% of the causes. Difficulty is rated 4, because you have to endure an commercial assles audience to score with this law.
- and last one for today, which is very difficult, Hanlon's razor - A corollary of Finagle's law (see above) , normally taking the form "Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.". This one is rated 9 if you can score in your own company, rate 10+++ if with your boss, because it's difficult to find people who accept their stupidity and do not summon "faith" ot "malice" or "bad luck"in what happens.

February 02, 2005

Dior Men Autumn/Winter 2006

I was waiting for the catwalks on TV but as my satelite is broken, I just have the standard 6 channels - and that's like eating McDonald's every day, your become fat dumm and desesperate - and guess what? not even one little report.
It's ok when you have Fashion TV or Paris Première. Worse, until yesterday I had TMC channel, in standard, which is the TV from Monaco/Monte Carlo, yesterday it was a blank screen with "apologize, lbla bla, we are now include in the package gngna...you must pay..." well well....

So, back to our Dior Men Autumn/Winter 2006, see the VOGUE FRANCE (most complete report) and VOGUE UK, forget the US Vogue with its top report "how to marry a billionnaire". I tell you, marry a MAN, that's difficult enough !
That would become a hard trick with the new coming androgyny style, is it a boy is it a girl on the catwalk ? some photos here Clothes are great, of course. PS : See also Hermes by Gaultier.
It's Rock'n Roll, Androgyn, Bowie style, a dandy's touch and khol eyeliner. Flat long hair also.
They have no muscles, skinny....beurk !!

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