February 20, 2005

Artificial intelligence, underground world

I 'm just amazed how artificial intelligence is a hudge hudge ressource on internet, researchers, students, powerful associations, very serious studies.. that's an underground world beyond us. All this artififical intelligence and agents studies...what's the result in our everyday life ? can you tell me ? isn't it more likely for the Army all that stuff ?

I've discovered that ants are under high observance for understanding artificial intelligence.
The artificial anthill: project presentation : See the applet simulation !!
[update: how to catch and keep ants at home in a playground : nice site with pictures here]
This website is interesting for the goal members, from Czech Republic, France, Italy, Poland, USA,... follow in understanding artifical intelligence.
Visit also Alexis Drogoul 's website in french or english) and you can also download informations with slides (french, or english).
More sources ? I've found many many interesting infos, unreachable content for me, anyway, that's exists for so so many clever people around the world, just have a look :
Europe : European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence
France :Association Française d'Intelligence Artificielle
USA : American Association for Artificial Intelligence!
Spain (website in english) : Ulises Cortes researcher of the Technical University of Catalonia
also Knowledge Engineering & Machine Learning Group and with this very very special project : http://www.argumentation.org ....still don't know what it is... a BIG BIG BLANK in my head !!
today I'm ... : The current mood of meeting@club-internet.fr at www.imood.com


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