February 10, 2005

Taste my friend's wine from Bordeaux

I'm very late mentionning the new website from our very gifted friends in making wine : the BARTHES Family, Philippe, Véronique a super active couple living the the Entre-Deux-Mer near Bordeaux.
Visit their new website, in french and english, and you can order to Veronique and taste the very good white or red wine they produce. They can ship worldwide.
http://www.vbarthe.com/They are members of the "L'envers de Bordeaux" to promote the wine:
"Because there is another way to promote wines.
10 growers, 20 appellations.
Off the beaten track .....that is the spirit of our wines.
The result of an unusual friendship, the Envers de Bordeaux is a group of young growers with a modern vision of Bordeaux wines.
Crafting our wines, Talking about them, Distributing them
A new way of approaching Bordeaux..."


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