February 07, 2005

Week-end in Lisbon & Calouste Gulbenkian

We arrived in Lisbon - Lisboa - Portugal in a chilly saturday afternoon, the company did no load Patrick suitcase in the plane so he was very mad and we had to wait sunday night to have it, at last. There is only one flight/day between Marseille and Lisboa.
We stayed at the Holiday Inn because I like to collect points with my Priority Club Reward card, at this time we are gold members and I wish to upgrade Silver end of this year, but to tell you the truth, Holiday Inn in Lisbon, the one at Almeira Avenue, is not fantastic.
If you have time, go and visit Lisbon it's a great city, few people 600 000, few cars, many parks, green green city, nd so many nice aeras to discover, typical or modern, a very attractive mix.

We ran quick to visit maximum in one day and a half because I 'm back this afternoon and took off at 9 am. Patrick comes back next saturday. We walked from the hotel to Fondation Calouste Gulbenkian and have visited the museum after a quick lunch at the first floor, so good little pastries, fresh orange juice, and this museum leaves you on the knees at the end, when we came in we were not attending to see so many major art pieces.
we also see a crazy mondern exhibition of "contemporary art of emigrant african artists" !!!

The Lalique collection is beautiful and I was really sceptic about this Lalique collection, I'm not very keen on this "Art Nouveau". Right now, my mind has changed about Lalique talent and production. Have a look here : Lalique Collection
Lalique was a personal friend of Calouste Gulbenkian.

Visit the link to this top collection : http://www.museu.gulbenkian.pt/coleccao.asp?lang=en

+ Bizarre Ugly Fishes !!! complete other subject, I've found this incredible pictures of very very very queer fishes on Momo's blog, see it, that's really weird'urgly. They say that's "Tsunami pictures of strange fish washed up at Phuket". Is it true ??


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