March 31, 2005

My business card in chinese, this one is with Patrick's name in chinese, he has chosen DA LONG which means GREAT DRAGON !!

March 29, 2005

Asian films

I've never told you I was fond of asian films, particularly martial arts. I buy regularly on, it's send from Hong Kong to france, it's quite cheap and fast.
I pay in USD with my american express, so with the favorable currency between USD and Euro, I save a little more.
This afternoon, I put in my cart two really good films I can't wait to watch.
Himalaya Singh : check it here
and Kung Fu Hustle,
the last Stephen Chow (Shaolin soccer). This actor is more known for comedy. He's ugly but very very funny and good actor; My favorite acto is Tony Leung, so handsome, and of course I really really love Jackie Chan, I never miss any of his movies.
oups, I've just forgot JET LI !!!! I've films when he was 16 years old, hos first movies in traditional costums.
Hong kong movies are really my favorite at this time. I might be the only one kms around here.

March 23, 2005

GMO is LIFE Terminator

I've just heard on the radio scientists about GMO and I tell you my decision is still reinforced !! what an HORROR !! Only the Organic label can save us.
Maybe I've never told you but we eat 90% organic, we have a cooperative organic supermaket very close where I buy ALL, from food to stuff for cleaning. Prices are higher but as products are better and more concentrate, we do not waste and save.
please, be concerned, DO something, read about it, keep you informed, explain.

March 21, 2005

Barbecue in Marseille

It's been a long time I have not seen such a good weather like today, fresh but sunny and warm on the skin under it. We had to go having lunch at friends house with a hudge texan barbecue. This hudge cylinder where a man could lie is a typical barbecue from Texas they brought back to France after two years working in Houston.
Sometimes they cook the meat only with the smoke and shut the barbecue top, it's really bad for health and difficult to digest. It seem to be a very popular food in the United states and especially in Texas.
It's proven that eating smoked food and barbecue burnt things higher risks for developing cancer.
Most of the time I cook myself meat, sausages ot vegetables on the barbecue, so I avoid the elements to be touch by the flame (worse). I prepare the fire early and when only remain the embers I put the meat and burn it slowly. I avoid the flame and the smoke.
Usually, men go mad because they feel legitimate to be the fire boss, and feel very fustrated when I do it and walk around me and the barbecue like an animal.
barbecue links : Grills and accessories, that's really expensive stuff indeed !

March 12, 2005

My University Thesis Master

This evening I had time to surf, Patrick is still in Portugal until sunday and I'm a bit boring.
I googles my name (!!!) see if I exist on the net...I know that's really much a pre-depressing action, anyway I've found a publication from my university master which mentionned my thesis and name. thank you !
No more about me.
So, I passed over my shyness (big one) and I've sent an email to this researcher and that's really incredible he lives in the same city as me, Marseille, I knew that for a long time he was in Marseille. We worked together when I was student in Bordeaux and he was a newcomer teacher in the Modern history department.
We are both found of Modern Italian history, XVII century.
I hope he will reply............I'm waiting.................ooooppssss
[update : Yes !! he replied warmthly, said we should meet and will send the conference programm. Ive been too busy and...shy to reply immedialty, but I will ! That's rellly new open door, new perspectives..;maybe I could make a new thesis.]

March 08, 2005

Hudge profit not shared

I've been visiting my mother and father in Jonzac last week end, I cannot say "my family" as my sister and her two daughters 18 months and 4 years old live in London, in Hamstead Village. A very nice and quite place in London. The nicest restaurant over there may be BASE. Many top footballer's wife go there.
My sister offered me to join her for a one week trip to Shanghai, but I felt sorry to refuse, we have too much work here, business in France and spain is low, my distributors in the Neetherlands and UK also don't buy much.
Money does not seem to go to the small companies, but the CAC 40 companies have made last years the best profit ever done in 20
Money does not seem to be shared equally at this time. for how long ? We try hard but only luxury goods and low cost goods seem to be increasing their market share.
If next months follow up like this we may change our organization and turn into another business.

March 03, 2005

Steeve Fossett and

It's 9.30 AM in my kitchen, Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer has fuel Problems :
Steeve Fosset with revolutionnary V-Flyer should land this afternoon, I hope he reaches his goal : record to be the first person to fly around the world non-stop without refuelling hung in the balance.
Now, he's away from Shanghai and just passed Hawaii, V-Flyer is pushed eastward toward the United States by stronger-than-expected tail winds.
Official wevsite :

Patrick likes boats, I guess I love planes.... if anybody can bring me in his private jet, I offer to make coffee and bring some some home-made cakes.

March 02, 2005

Random click !

Have you ever tried to type whatever you have in mind, a word or "kfgjghdkhgk" in the address box? I've tried some this morning, and get this : : Bloo?s toilet cleaning products are designed to give you peace of mind that your toilet ... : available !! nothing : a website for snail fans. Cagouille is a local word from my native area, which is Charente-Maritime, above Bordeaux, it's Cognac, Jonzac (Pineau des Charentes), Jarnac (where François Mitterrand is burried). Snail is THE typical traditional dish. : a website providing entertaining stuffs.... : a drawing with a rabbit...and "coming soon", well nothing : not to be sold : blank page with only : Are you tired?Tell us why. and if you click on US you open a window to write an email..... who's behind....

Personnal : I may stay in Shanghai in APRIL from 11 to 17th
Also, absolutly booked for the EVS 21 exhibition, I'll be in MONACO from 1st to 4th of APRIL.

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