March 29, 2005

Asian films

I've never told you I was fond of asian films, particularly martial arts. I buy regularly on, it's send from Hong Kong to france, it's quite cheap and fast.
I pay in USD with my american express, so with the favorable currency between USD and Euro, I save a little more.
This afternoon, I put in my cart two really good films I can't wait to watch.
Himalaya Singh : check it here
and Kung Fu Hustle,
the last Stephen Chow (Shaolin soccer). This actor is more known for comedy. He's ugly but very very funny and good actor; My favorite acto is Tony Leung, so handsome, and of course I really really love Jackie Chan, I never miss any of his movies.
oups, I've just forgot JET LI !!!! I've films when he was 16 years old, hos first movies in traditional costums.
Hong kong movies are really my favorite at this time. I might be the only one kms around here.


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