March 21, 2005

Barbecue in Marseille

It's been a long time I have not seen such a good weather like today, fresh but sunny and warm on the skin under it. We had to go having lunch at friends house with a hudge texan barbecue. This hudge cylinder where a man could lie is a typical barbecue from Texas they brought back to France after two years working in Houston.
Sometimes they cook the meat only with the smoke and shut the barbecue top, it's really bad for health and difficult to digest. It seem to be a very popular food in the United states and especially in Texas.
It's proven that eating smoked food and barbecue burnt things higher risks for developing cancer.
Most of the time I cook myself meat, sausages ot vegetables on the barbecue, so I avoid the elements to be touch by the flame (worse). I prepare the fire early and when only remain the embers I put the meat and burn it slowly. I avoid the flame and the smoke.
Usually, men go mad because they feel legitimate to be the fire boss, and feel very fustrated when I do it and walk around me and the barbecue like an animal.
barbecue links : Grills and accessories, that's really expensive stuff indeed !


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