March 08, 2005

Hudge profit not shared

I've been visiting my mother and father in Jonzac last week end, I cannot say "my family" as my sister and her two daughters 18 months and 4 years old live in London, in Hamstead Village. A very nice and quite place in London. The nicest restaurant over there may be BASE. Many top footballer's wife go there.
My sister offered me to join her for a one week trip to Shanghai, but I felt sorry to refuse, we have too much work here, business in France and spain is low, my distributors in the Neetherlands and UK also don't buy much.
Money does not seem to go to the small companies, but the CAC 40 companies have made last years the best profit ever done in 20
Money does not seem to be shared equally at this time. for how long ? We try hard but only luxury goods and low cost goods seem to be increasing their market share.
If next months follow up like this we may change our organization and turn into another business.


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