March 12, 2005

My University Thesis Master

This evening I had time to surf, Patrick is still in Portugal until sunday and I'm a bit boring.
I googles my name (!!!) see if I exist on the net...I know that's really much a pre-depressing action, anyway I've found a publication from my university master which mentionned my thesis and name. thank you !
No more about me.
So, I passed over my shyness (big one) and I've sent an email to this researcher and that's really incredible he lives in the same city as me, Marseille, I knew that for a long time he was in Marseille. We worked together when I was student in Bordeaux and he was a newcomer teacher in the Modern history department.
We are both found of Modern Italian history, XVII century.
I hope he will reply............I'm waiting.................ooooppssss
[update : Yes !! he replied warmthly, said we should meet and will send the conference programm. Ive been too busy and...shy to reply immedialty, but I will ! That's rellly new open door, new perspectives..;maybe I could make a new thesis.]


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