March 02, 2005

Random click !

Have you ever tried to type whatever you have in mind, a word or "kfgjghdkhgk" in the address box? I've tried some this morning, and get this : : Bloo?s toilet cleaning products are designed to give you peace of mind that your toilet ... : available !! nothing : a website for snail fans. Cagouille is a local word from my native area, which is Charente-Maritime, above Bordeaux, it's Cognac, Jonzac (Pineau des Charentes), Jarnac (where François Mitterrand is burried). Snail is THE typical traditional dish. : a website providing entertaining stuffs.... : a drawing with a rabbit...and "coming soon", well nothing : not to be sold : blank page with only : Are you tired?Tell us why. and if you click on US you open a window to write an email..... who's behind....

Personnal : I may stay in Shanghai in APRIL from 11 to 17th
Also, absolutly booked for the EVS 21 exhibition, I'll be in MONACO from 1st to 4th of APRIL.


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