April 17, 2005

Relinking with old friend

Three weeks ago, I've googled a friend's name, a very close friend I haven't seen since eleven years now. We've stopped keeping in touche after I moved from Bordeaux to Paris and when I got married. He's never been a boyfriend but from 12 to 25 my best friend. I've discovered rock, jazz, modern music I would say because I was learning classical piano at the "conservatoire", I can explain it is like the official school to learn music and become a professionnal.
I've learned piano from 9 to 19 and stopped since forever. So when I was a teenager, my favorite was Purcell and Bach. Not Klaus Nomi !
So I googled my friend name and, what a surprise I found his name in a Sri Lanka charity website, a charity new born after the tsunami disaster. This charity collects money to built boats but after two weeks in Sri Lanka my friend said they better had to built houses.

So I found his name + photo ! no doubt, and a email address....what should I do ? send an email after eleven years ? maybe he does not wish to hear from me any more, paths have split, so what ?
My sister pushed me saying... so you'll know...that's so simple.
So I wrote a nice email, it took me maybe one hour to write down 4 sentences, and after my name I put my mobile number. Three weeks ago, a phone call with a message and I'll try again this evening. The evening came...and mobile rang..ouoououps.... I'm upside down, transparent and sweating.... hum hum in the throat<...ALLO ?? Hi, it's Didier.... And we have spoken one hour nd a half like we left our friendship yesterday, no time, no ages, just like before, like in family. At the end, we said, bye, see you soon, and better in french "a bientôt".


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