May 16, 2005

l'Hotel de Grignan Vichy

Hotel de Grignan - Vichy My father offers me one week of holidays at lhôtel de Grignan in Vichy, yes the city which has the source for the eponym water. Vichy is very god for the health and the skin. Well this hotel i cool because my father can have a glof stage and my mother a Thalassotherapy at the ame time. I really wanted to make the golf but it's each morning at 9 oclock, I feel tired of pushing me out of the bed everyday for a 9 oclock lesson. So i'll only book the room and will see wht'up when I'm there. patrick cannot come and probably will try to come July 13th. One week vacation...I can tell you that's really not the time, but I NEVER go on holidays, maybe I'll like it !! ah ah


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