June 26, 2005


Bet on horse"s race that's my new daily hobby. I ve been playing everyday since one month and I won trhee times, just three horses and have only my money back.
To play at PMU in the internet you must be french and have an address in France. Games are not free in France, it's the goverment that regulates all the stuff.

June 08, 2005

Louvre Museum in 3D panorama

Panoramas | Musée du Louvre
Paris's Louvre Museum has just expanded its accessibility to people who hate to travel. The world's largest museum unveiled its new website yesterday, including a 3-D interactive map and information on over 1500 of the exhibits housed there

June 01, 2005

Our new Prime Minister

Here it is, after people vote YES or NO, better NO at the end, for the new european constitution, our president nominated Dominique de Villepin as prime minister. I've seen last weeks in ELLE magazine the son and dauther of De Villepin, they're handsome. The son is model and daughter I can't remember. Dominique de Villepin is also very very cute guy, I'd like to see his wife's face. This is kind of "beautifully freak" family ! I've heard he also likes much poetry and art, that should say he's handsome also in the inside, about politic, I guess he will see it's a complete waste of time, France is just a place to live, not to control. For example, SHARK SA, helmet factory in La Valentine is today bought by a LBO, the two brothers owner of SHARK just sell after 15 years, th company was just about to earn money, and french people are mostly like this: taking money and retire, not like the chinese or american who struggle much more and are likely more in competition and building hudge companies. In this case 50 persons and profit, that's good enough to sell to LBO groups and see you on my boat. (Boss recetly bought a big boat...).

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