February 16, 2006

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One&Only Resorts

I would choose : TOUESSROK in Mauritius

Also having dinner in Singapore : http://www.sanmarco.com.sg/
upmarket italian cuisine with a french flair, chinese chef sometimes mixes up with crispy things.

As it was recently VALENTINE DAY, I 'd like to comment this special menu in sanmarco in Singapore. I tell you after this meal you go to bed and snore and not jumping upside down with your lover.

Valentine?s Day Menu 14th February 2006

$165.00+++ per person (ouuuuups !!)


amuse bouche OK


cured salmon with soft-boiled egg (noooo !! beuurk) , toasted lariano speciato goat cheese on home made bread and shooter of seafood consommé cheese and salmon + eggs + seafood taste : NO ! and definitly NOT italian


baked cannelloni lined with smoked duck carpaccio stuffed with foie gras NOT italian !! , sautéed purple garlic, double cream gorgonzola ice cream and coffee reduction Gorgonzola + coffe + smoked duck = I would throw away definitly


pink champagne granite with espuma of rose water not good enough solo the pink champagne ?

wok(italian ??) -charred frog legs with baby leek, italian black rice rolled with egg skin, spinach leaf and lightly roasted garlic emulsion what is this messy thing ?? maybe you forgot the reduced strawberry in a ham reduction ?


poached fillet of dover sole with lily bulb white onion, daterini tomato, vine leaf, roasted wild mushroom and parma ham oil french and italian (I live in both countries I precise) we ALWAYS eat fish BEFORE meat, what is this ???? I would NEVER eat fish AFTER duck

here comes back the meat !! what a mess, and beef + cheese : BEWAREEEEEE
roulade of angus beef striploin with provolone cheese, mixed garden herbs, roasted bouchon of ratte potatoes, red capsicum reduction, golden chanterelle mushrooms and winter black truffles

***** we have the chocolote straght after the provolone beef : where are the restrooms ? chocolate is always the final touch in a meal, he puts cream after that chocolate !
valrhona vintage chocolate fondue with passion fruit sherbet and cocoa crunch

No No NO !!!!!! we never finish on a CREAM !!! it's tooo heavy !! I say NO to this stupid menu, which is definitly NOT italian. If this restaurant needs some advice, I can come with my sister (also eating lover) and you'll be the first italian retaurant in asia !! i tell you
mascarpone cream bar on pistachio crumble with organic raspberries, apricot sherbet, capsicum reduction, walnut and espelette chili crunch


menu is copyright © 2006 San Marco Restaurant . In green : my opinion


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